Rethinking Crime and Punishment



Rethinking Crime and Punishment is a strategic initiative supported by the Robson Hanan Trust to raise the level of public debate about the use of prison and alternative forms of punishment in New Zealand" Read more




Nigel Latta's Prisons Documentary

We need to put aside all this emotive talk about getting tough on crime, and instead start thinking about being effective on crime; it we did that, it'd be a game changer" -- Nigel Latta in Behind Bars.

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Maori and the Criminal Justice System

Māori make up only 15% of New Zealand's population, but account for a disproportionate amount of those coming into contact with the criminal justice system - both as victims and offenders. Read more


The Government's Crime Reduction Plan

Rethinking considers that the government’s "Reducing Crime and Reoffending Plan" is the most comprehensive strategy to address the crime rate in the last twenty years. For that reason alone, it deserves to receive close attention .. Read more


The Drivers of Crime Strategy - 2009

Where has the Drivers of Crime strategy gone? In April 2009, with a great hiss and a roar, the then Justice Minister Simon Power and Associate Corrections Minister Dr Pita Sharples launched the strategy with a Drivers of Crime Ministerial meeting. Read more


Read our Latest Newsletter - June 2014. There's a Law and Order Discussion to be Had After All!  Read more

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